Why Mass Surveillance Is Counter Productive

Last Thursday(17th Nov 2016), The UK Parliament approved a bill called Investigatory Powers Act that legalise a plethora of digital spying activities by government agencies. This bill is also known as “The Snoopers Charter” and grants following powers:

String concatenation in Rust

So I’ve been messing with Rust language for a couple of weeks now and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Rust is a systems programming language developed by Mozilla foundation. It’s becoming popular with plenty of rave reviews about seg-fault safety and the modern syntax. I highly recommend taking a look if you haven’t already.

Label centric music discovery

Music is big business. In fact it’s a business that entertained $15bn (USD) from global record sales alone. 45% of this $15bn was generated through digital sales channels. So it would be easy to make the assumption that digital sales are on the up because digital consumption of music is so much easier and cheaper for the consumer.

PHP 7.0 short-change

So, It’s been almost a year now since PHP 7 had been released. I have to say that regardless of the tone of this article’s title, I am over the moon about this major version. I think it’s really come a long way from the old “Personal Home Page” laughing-stock. And I’m not even talking about the PHP 7 vs Python 3 benchmark game.